Associate Instructor, Tanya Baker

tanya baker Tanya Baker
Dewey, AZ

Tanya’s Bowenwork journey began after a car accident in 2008 which left her in excruciating pain. Tanya was told she would need to have her neck and thoracic vertebrae fused, looking for alternative options to the surgery Tanya tried Chiropractic and Massage to help her through the pain, unfortunately after months of treatment she was left in more pain and was facing no other option than surgery. Thankfully a friend told Tanya about the Bowen Technique and she decided to try it. Within two sessions she noticed a huge difference in her pain level and after six sessions she was pain free!

Tanya’s experience with Bowenwork led her to change careers and become a Bowenwork Practitioner, now Tanya is very excited to have become an Associate Instructor with the American Bowen Academy where she can help to empower others with the knowledge of the Bowen Technique.

Bowenwork Practitioner-2013
Associate Instructor-2014