Instructor Training

The American Bowen Academy Instructor training curriculum provides mentorship, directed study, hands-on learning and supervised student-teacher training for Bowenwork Practitioners who wish to receive certification as Bowenwork Instructors who teach the Professional Bowenwork Practitioner certification level-one training (modules 1-6).


Bowen Instructor Training is an 18+ month, 244-hour, multi-phase program that includes two levels of Bowenwork instructor certifications; onboarding; instructor-guided independent research and cohort learning on anatomy and physiology; instructor-led presentation training; supervised student teaching; regular assessments and rigorous institutional requirements regarding the demonstration of professional and ethical standards.

Associate Instructor Certification Training

Qualifications to become an Associate Instructor

16 hours Presentation training
16 hours Refinement of foundational Bowenwork practices

Associate instructor training is a four-day, 32-hour, instructor-led training. Practitioners who wish to enroll in the training undergo a multi-reviewer application process conducted by American Bowen Academy’s senior faculty.

Associate Instructor training prepares graduates of the program to teach Introductory Bowenwork courses to the general public. The Introductory course consists of an orientation to the Academy’s instructor policy and procedures, code of ethics, and instructor complaint review policy. The technical content of Associate Instructor training consists of five Bowenwork procedures, which are relevant for first aid, muscle strain, respiratory distress, and overall wellbeing. The practical content of the training includes presentation training and marketing to the general public.

Associate Instructors in good standing with American Bowen Academy, who have successfully taught introductory four-hour courses to the public, are eligible to enroll in independent study.

Independent Study

9-month long, 32-hour Anatomy and physiology research and discussion pertaining to the Bowenwork procedures in modules 1-6.

In preparation for Instructor Certification Training, Associate Instructors in good standing with American Bowen Academy, are eligible to enroll in a nine-month, 32-hour, distance learning, independent study continuing education class. This class consists of independent research, written assignments and instructor-led cohort discussions on the anatomy, physiology, and rationale relevant to the Bowenwork procedures in the module 1-6 trainings that comprise the Bowenwork practitioner certification level-one instruction (modules 1-6).

Associate Instructors who have demonstrated they possess the requisite understanding of anatomy and physiology that underpin the Bowenwork procedures in the module 1-6 trainings, and whose application is accepted by senior faculty reviewers, enroll in Instructor Training Bootcamp.

Instructor Training Bootcamp

Qualifications to become a Band One Instructor

60-hour Intensive videotaped presentation of Bowenwork Module 1-6 content and demonstration of applied anatomy and physiology.

Bootcamp is a seven-day intensive hands-on training, during which instructor candidates are videotaped, reviewed and tested on their ability to perform and teach all of the Bowenwork procedures in modules 1-6 practitioner level one certification training. Instructor candidates are evaluated on their ability to demonstrate and describe the procedures in relation to anatomical landmarks, physiological indicators & contraindications, and protocol of care, as well as how they respond to questions they may be asked by students in the classroom.

Instructor candidates who successfully complete Instructor Bootcamp Training then proceed to Supervised Student-Teaching Practicum Training.

Supervised Student-Teaching Practicum Training

9+-month long, 120+ hour Supervised student teaching plus marketing and instructor business development.

Supervised student-teacher training requires instructor candidates to market and enroll students in a twelve-day Professional Bowenwork Practitioner certification level-one training series. Candidate instructors teach the training under the supervision of senior faculty; receive feedback from their supervisors according to a multi-point assessment grid; demonstrate satisfactory application of the feedback in their next supervised student-teaching engagement; attend a two-day senior-faculty led assessment of their students’ demonstration of proficiency relative to the Academy’s performance standards for Professional Bowenwork Practitioner level-one certification.