Instructor Training

The four-phase American Bowen Academy Instructor training curriculum provides mentorship, directed study, hands-on learning, and supervised student-teacher training for experienced practitioners who wish to be authorized to teach Bowenwork Modules 1–6 to students working toward Professional Bowenwork Practitioner Level-I certification.

All four phases incorporate ongoing assessments. In addition to the successful completion of each phase, entry into the subsequent phase depends on:
• maintaining professional and ethical standards
• fulfilling additional requirements specific to each phase
• submitting an application for review by senior faculty reviewers


The four phases of the Academy’s Instructor Training program require a total of at least 18 months to complete all 244 hours of instruction and other requirements specific to each phase. Clicking on the name of each phase will take you to additional details beyond these brief summaries, including the prerequisites for entry:

Phase 1: Training Orientation
• 32 hours of in-person instruction over a period of four days
• Covers presentation skills as well as refinement of foundational Bowenwork skills
• Can lead to certification to teach a four-hour introductory class to the public

Phase 2: Independent Study
• 32 hours of distance learning and instructor-guided independent research
• Focused on anatomy and physiology pertaining to the Bowenwork procedures in Modules 1 – 6
• Generally completed over a period of nine months

Phase 3: Instructor Training Bootcamp
• 60 hours of intensive hands-on training over a period of seven days
• Instructor-led presentation training, videotaping, and review of practice teaching

Phase 4: Supervised Student-Teaching Practicum
• 120+ hours of supervised student teaching plus instructor business development