Program Details and Costs

Bowenwork practitioners complete Modules 1-7 plus additional business and science courses in order to earn a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner-Level I certificate.

Overview of  Modules 1-7

Every module includes demonstrations of each procedure, extensive supervised hands-on practice, and a review of previously taught procedures, along with the following:

  • Detailed explanation of anatomical landmarks and location of moves
  • Explanation of client and practitioner positioning for comfort and safety
  • Discussion of indications and contraindications, appropriate draping, pre-session intake questions, and post-session self-care advice
  • Manuals with detailed notes, photographs, and anatomical diagrams
  • Written assessments and group discussions

Prerequisites: The modules must be taken in sequence, following these timing guidelines: In order to provide enough time for practice, take single modules no closer together than one per month. Or, if taking pairs of modules (e.g., 1&2, 3&4, 5&6), wait at least two months between each pair and the next.

Class NameSet Price22-day Prepaid PriceComments Hours/CEUs*
Bowenwork Introducatory Class$95$95Optional but recommended-Introductory Bowenwork classes provide a way to explore Bowenwork for the first time and to see if the technique is right for you. These classes are open to all, no prior experience is required.4
American Bowen Academy Administrative Fee$75$75Student registration and class enrollment, plus Bowen Hands subscription for one year
Bowenwork Module 1$460$430Hands-on class.
The Bowenwork Move
-Lower Back Procedure
-Upper Back Procedure
-Neck Procedure
-Kidney Procedure
-Head Procedure
-Working with a Client