The word is spreading – Bowenwork is effective, beneficial for every body and everyone can learn to apply the technique. The Academy’s vision to bring Tom Bowen’s unique bodywork to the world is becoming a reality every day. Read the latest news here.

February, 2015 – Sandra Gustafson (Bowenwork Sr Instructor) recently won the Massage Therapy Foundation’s Bronze Award (third prize) for her case-report that she submitted to the 2014 MTF Case-Report Contest.

Her report was titled: “Bowenwork for Migraines – Is It All In the Head?” One of the prizes that she has won is an invitation to submit her case-report for publication in the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork or the International Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies – two highly respected peer-review journals, whose articles are archived at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and are searchable online through PubMed – a leading source for evidence-based medicine and practice.  Once the paper has been published, Sandra will update us with links to the article which we will archive on our website.

The other prize is an invitation to present a research poster, based on her case-report, at the American Massage Therapy Association national convention in Pittsburgh, PA, on August 19-22, 2015. It is estimated that about 1300 delegates from all over the USA will attend the convention, which provides an excellent opportunity to showcase Bowenwork to our bodywork peers.

June 2014 – Last week, Sandra Gustafson, a senior faculty member of the Academy, presented two posters on Bowenwork at the American Holistic Nurses Association’s 34th Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon.

The conference theme was Through the Looking Glass: A Vision of Holistic Leadership. Participants were invited to explore ways that nurses can deepen their influence across healthcare settings, examine the role of nurses under the Affordable Care Act, and consider strategies aimed at transforming nursing practice. (We look forward to sharing Sandra’s impressions and insights with you in the July newsletter.)

The titles of Sandra’s presentations are:
Bowenwork – Holistic Nursing and Symptom Management Theory.
Bowenwork – An Effective Therapeutic Intervention? A Systematic Review.

May, 2014 – Abby LaRock, a senior faculty member of American Bowen Academy who has introduced Bowenwork training in the VA system in Manchester, NH, is currently working with the Physical Medicine Department at the VA to begin the first phase of Bowenwork research with a clinical improvement project on TBI, neck and back pain, and fibromyalgia.

We will post updates on this important initiative in future newsletters.

April, 2014 – American Bowen Academy instructor, Sandra Gustafson, has recently engaged in a rigorous and competitive selection process, on behalf of the Academy, that has resulted in her being chosen to present two research posters on Bowenwork at the 2014 American Holistic Nurses Association (“AHNA”) Conference in June in Portland, OR.

Sandra will be presenting each topic twice daily for both days of the conference, and Nurses who attend Sandra’s presentations are eligible to receive continuing education credits. Academy instructor, Cobalt Coy, and several Bowenwork practitioners from Oregon are sponsoring a Bowenwork booth at the AHNA conference.

January, 2014 – Anouncing our new name: American Bowen Academy
American Bowen Academy (previously known as Bowenwork Academy USA) is proud to be part of an international Bowenwork movement as the sole provider of Bowenwork practitioner training in the United States.

Many of you know that we have recently emerged from a two-year process of taking stock of our organization and exploring options for expanding the role of Bowenwork and its practitioners in the United States. This process has been challenging and inspiring. Most importantly, it has informed our direction and ambitions for the years ahead.

In this time of organizational renewal, we feel re-energized in our dedication to our mission to advance Tom Bowen’s profound healing modality throughout the U.S., and we plan to increase our investment in making Bowenwork the complementary healthcare modality of choice in the U.S. healthcare system.

We are encouraged by the trend we see for greater recognition of Bowenwork – not only by the public but also by practitioners of traditional western healthcare: Bowenwork practitioners are receiving more referrals from physicians. Increasing numbers of nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and even physicians are enrolling in our Bowenwork trainings. In addition to private clinics, Bowenwork is being used in hospitals and multi-disciplinary rehabilitation centers. An exciting example of this is the Veterans Administration, where Bowenwork is used as an integral part of the complementary medicine team in pain management and therapy programs for rehabilitation, the management of acute and chronic injuries, and in post-surgery rehabilitation.

As we position Bowenwork for extraordinary growth, we will make use of the facts that Bowenwork training has been “market tested” in over 25 countries, and that increasing numbers of Bowenwork practitioners around the world consistently achieve profound healing results.
Bowenwork will continue to thrive as a result of our collective efforts, and the Bowenwork brand will become increasingly valuable to practitioners as it achieves broad name recognition. This will surely benefit practitioners who use Bowenwork in their advertising or have Bowenwork in their company name.

So why our change of name to American Bowen Academy?

The answer is simple: We don’t own the name Bowenwork. It’s an internationally registered trademark of Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. Now that American Bowen Academy is poised to invest in product development, branding and growth, it is prudent for us to do so with a name that we own.

Our growth strategy includes plans to strengthen and expand our core Bowenwork certification offerings. Bowenwork and its wreath logo will continue to feature prominently as key elements in our visual identity system.

We believe that the name American Bowen Academy underscores our commitment to advancing Tom Bowen’s work by heralding our openness to the cross-discipline pollination of ideas, practices and insights, which will add vibrancy and depth to our portfolio of continuing-education classes.

As American Bowen Academy expands Bowenwork into new healthcare markets throughout the U.S., we will keep the Bowenwork curriculum in which you trained at the center of this new gold standard.

We will begin our transition to the American Bowen Academy name now, and in the months to come you will see it appear in different forms of communication, from class announcements and advertisements to websites and e-mail addresses.

We welcome your questions and comments. Please send them to Sue Rutter, We will happily respond to them in future newsletters.

It’s an exciting journey. And we’re grateful to be making this journey with you, our students and practitioners.

Sincerely yours,

The Directors, Officers and Instructors of American Bowen Academy