Become a Practitioner

Professional Bowenwork Practitioners enjoy careers that are flexible, sustainable and fulfilling.

Whether you want to start a brand new career in the health-care field, or you are an experienced health-care practitioner seeking to learn new skills, earning a certificate in Bowenwork opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Professional Bowenwork Practitioners:

Have the flexibility to build dream careers.

Bowenwork is practiced in traditional and non-traditional health-care settings, clinics, sports facilities, corporate offices, senior centers, and anywhere health and wellness are valued.

Bowenwork practitioners can work with a wide variety of client populations. It is gentle on the client’s body and can be safely performed on the elderly, pregnant women, athletes, newborns and people who cannot receive other bodywork modalities.

Earn sustainable incomes.

Bowenwork practitioners can see more clients without working more hours. The length of sessions are customized according to each client’s needs so the length of each session varies.

Because sessions include a combination of hands-on work and rest periods, practitioners are able to work on multiple clients within the same time-frame.

Are able to maintain their careers for as long as they desire.

Some bodywork practices put a lot of stress on a practitioner’s body, especially over time. Not so with Bowenwork which is easy to apply and does not involve sustained pressure or repetitive motions.

Bowenwork practitioners are able to continue practicing for as many years as they desire without suffering overuse injuries.

Help every “body” feel better.

Because Bowenwork activates the innate healing mechanisms within the body, it can be very effective for addressing a wide range of conditions from acute musculo-skeletal injuries to systemic and/or chronic conditions.

People with respiratory, digestive, reproductive, emotional and many other conditions often experience profound results with Bowenwork.

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