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Meet Sue Rutter, Director


Thank you for visiting our American Bowen Academy website. I hope you find the site easy to navigate and obtain the information that you need. If not, feel free to give me a call or drop me an email.

Before being hired as the Secretary for American Bowen Academy, Sue was a corporate Human Resources Manager for Amoco Corporation, a Fortune 100 Company, in Chicago, IL. Sue has a varied background in all Human Resources functions including Team Dynamics and Team Communication Facilitation. Sue also worked with the Information Technology Department at Amoco and became familiar with database and website management.

Sue was promoted to American Bowen Academy Director in 2017. She oversees all aspects of the American Bowen Academy business, is the liaison for instructors, practitioners, and students and manages American Bowen Academy’s website.

She and her husband moved from Chicago, IL to the Prescott, AZ area many years ago where she applied for a position with the Academy. As the primary contact for students, practitioners, and clients throughout the United States, Sue hears daily positive testimonials about Bowenwork. She is proud to be part of this organization and feels very fortunate to have found Bowenwork. Sue’s husband suffers from Sciatica and Bowenwork has provided relief where all the doctors wanted to do was give him pain pills. Sue is blessed with having no pain-related problems; however, she receives Bowenwork sessions often as they energize the entire body.