Non-Certification Program

American Bowen Academy is dedicated to bringing Tom Bowen’s unique bodywork to the world. In support of our mission we welcome all students who wish to learn this work, from those who intend to develop a career as a professional practitioner to those who wish use their skills to help friends and family, or to volunteer in their community.

The beauty of Bowenwork is that it just works, even for beginners. Attend one, or more, classes to learn how to:

  • Signal the body that “the emergency is over”, a very important first step in activating the body’s internal healing response.
  • Ease pain and reduce stress in almost any situation.
  • Provide first-aid assistance when someone is injured.
  • Offer supportive touch to those with chronic illnesses.

Start with Module 1 to learn how to apply basic Bowen moves for problems in any area of the body. Attending subsequent modules will help you to refine your skills and learn new moves that help specific complaints. Completing at least Modules 1-4, will give you a solid framework and understanding of the technique’s most accessible and beneficial moves.

Visit our Find a Class page to see a list of upcoming Module classes in your area.

Not sure yet? Find out more about Bowenwork by attending one of our fun, informative Introductory Classes. This is an easy and economical way to find out if Bowenwork is right for you. Visit our Introductory Classes page to see a list of upcoming classes.