Faculty, Sally Barton

sally barton, bowenwork faculty Sally Barton
Pacific Grove, CA

Sally Barton’s enthusiasm for Bowenwork began when seeking relief from long standing work-related injuries affecting her back, neck and elbow. Shortly after beginning Bowenwork, she recognized dramatic improvements from its ability to address specific problems, promote the body’s natural healing mechanisms, and provide lasting results. Within a few months after beginning Bowenwork she was pain free for the first time in years. Bowenwork is now an integral part of her holistic approach to health, along with balanced rest, exercise, yoga and organic nutrition.

Teaching new and advancing students is a gift Sally was born to share. Her students repeatedly acknowledge her talents as both host and instructor, and quickly feel part of the Bowen family. This enables them to fully engage in the learning process without becoming overwhelmed. Sally has perceptive communication skills, patience, and a friendly personality. This provides students with an encouraging personal resource for their process of learning Bowenwork.

Bowenwork Faculty-2014
Bowenwork Practitioner-2008
San Jose State University
University of New Mexico
California Certified Massage Therapist CMT