Faculty, Karin Twohig

karin twohig, bowenwork faculty Karin Twohig
Carmel, California

Karin is excited about Bowenwork because it is the most holistic form of bodywork she has come across in 34 years. It works physically, energetically, emotionally and even spiritually. It is elegant, effective and efficient as well as sustainable for the practitioner and gentle for the client.

She has been teaching since 2000, seeing many exciting changes in students and practitioners as they start new careers or build on existing ones, build their confidence and self-esteem and grow. Karin feels is very rewarding to teach others to do Bowenwork and she is passionate about it. After 15 years of teaching, she enjoys sharing what she has learned with other’s who are striving to also be Bowenwork Instructors.She loves the multifaceted aspects of teaching this amazing modality to anyone who wants to learn how to help others.

Bowenwork Faclty-2000
Bowenwork Practitioner-1995
Process Inquiry Training, Group Level, Institute for Life Energy-1998
Process Inquiry Training, Practitioner Level, Institute for Life Energy-1997
Neuro Muscular Restructuring-1992
Polarity Technique-Monterey Center of Natural Therapeutics-1981
Licensed Massage Technician-Heartwood Holistic Health Institute-1981