Associate Instructor, Teresa Peterson

teresa peterson, associate instructor Teresa Peterson
Flagstaff, AZ

The ever expanding potential of how Bowenwork may be used excites Teresa when she thinks of the changing future of healthcare and medicine. It goes without saying that there are high success rates with Bowen sessions. But, as this modality and other forms of healing become more popular and spreads by demand into hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and is recommended by doctors she sees great potential to help larger numbers of those in need. With the opening of the doors to the current traditional practice of medicine many people could receive non-invasive alternatives and preventatives that work without high cost as is already the practice in many other countries.

What Teresa loves about teaching the Introduction to Bowenwork class is the fact that she is enabling so many people to help themselves. She tries everyday to give back by working to empower by providing a tool she feels should be in everyone’s survival kit. You will have it with you always. No tools or special equipment required. The look of amazement she sees on students faces as they feel Bowen moves or make the moves on a fellow student and then wait….after the two minute or so, their emotional responses are so often memorable. If they have an issue that
simply goes away immediately or a pain that lessens their eyes may grow bright with excitement or a tear or two may fall with relief. She feels blessed to teach Bowen.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor-2014
Bowenwork Practitioner-2009
Touch Balancing/Animal Bowen™
BS-Business Administration-Science Minor
Reiki and Shamballa Reiki Master
Certified Medical Aromatherapist
Environmental /Geobiology Practitioner