Associate Instructor, Rose Bochicchio

Rose Bochicchio Rose Bochicchio
Rindge, NH

Rose has served in the healthcare professional field for over thirty years. Complimentary and Holistic services have always intrigued her, but it wasn’t until June of 2010 that she would benefit from Bowenwork as a result of a shoulder injury. What inspired Rose to pursue holistic healthcare was her recovery due to Bowenwork. In less than one week she went from minimal mobility of her injured arm to almost full mobility. She was also fascinated by other responses she was aware of while receiving Bowenwork. Along with increased mobility and pain reduction, she also experienced a greater sense of balance and calm — chronic joint and hip pain seemed to also disappear. Rose was convinced this was her fork in the road. She wanted to help others tap into and utilize the benefit of the innate healing abilities that lie within each of us.

As a Bowenwork Practitioner, she is consistently amazed at the positive feedback she receives from client’s due to this wonderful modality. When the opportunity to teach Bowenwork opened up, Rose felt compelled to follow that path, and is now certified as an Associate Instructor to teach the Introductory Bowenwork Class, “Wellness in Your Hands”.

Associate Instructor – 2013
Bowenwork Practitioner – 2011