Associate Instructor, Nicole Tatro

Nicole Tatro, associate instructorNicole Tatro
St. Albans, VT

When Nicole discovered Bowenwork she knew that her life and her career would never be the same. Bowenwork has been such an amazing addition to her Physical Therapy background that she has built her entire private Physical Therapy practice around the Bowenwork technique. The most exciting thing about Bowenwork is that less is truly more. Nicole’s patients are experiencing incredible results without going through an extensive, painful rehab process. The gentleness of Bowenwork continues to amaze both Nicole and her patients. Besides the more obvious physical
pain relief she also continues to be intrigued by the accompanying relief of emotional and digestive distress and the incredible improvements in sleeping habits.

Nicole has developed a passion for teaching since becoming an instructor for The American Bowen Academy. She loves being able to teach students who want to bring this amazing manual technique into their homes to take care of loved ones and she also loves teaching professionals like herself a new modality that they can bring to their patients or clients. Watching a student truly get it and to see the sparkle in their eyes when they feel the response under their fingertips is what drives Nicole to be the best instructor that she can be.

Masters of Science-Physical Therapy-Sacred Heart University
Bachelors of Science-Biology-Sacred Heart University
Bowenwork Associate Instructor
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Postural Exercise Professional