Associate Instructor, Mito Kodera

Mito Kodera, Associate Instructor Mito Kodera
Lakeport, CA

Mito states “it is more than a relaxation technique”. Many of her clients said it had changed their lives and they spread the word to their family and friends. She is very excited to see those who had been living in pain for so long no longer need to suffer, and instead start being active again. Her work has also helped people with their recoveries from a stroke, an accident or trauma. Other than working at her office in Lakeport, she visits a senior care center to work on bedridden patients, and volunteers her time to work on veterans with PTSD. Mito also hosts a monthly support group meeting for the Pacific Chapter of the Neuropathy Association.

Some of Mito’s clients travel from afar and cannot get to her as often. “An Introduction to Wellness in Your Hands” gives them a tool to fill in between sessions when they cannot get to her and also to help friends and family. Her students are confident to perform easy moves and have already started making changes in their loved one’s lives and spreading Bowenwork’s wonderful effects.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor – 2013
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner – 2011
Equinology Equine Body Worker
DONA birth doula
Infant Massage
Reiki Level 3
MRT(Muscle Release Technique)
Kenbiki (Kinsei Ryuho 1st class)
Amagiryu Tojiho (instructor)