Associate Instructor, Lynell Cavner

Cavner Prescott, AZ

Lynell found Bowenwork after her mother’s illness; who at the time said that she had to do something with her hands because she had her father’s hands (meaning they were hyper-sensitive.) Prior to this, Lynell worked in Human Resources for large engineering firms across the country. That background has helped her significantly with the ability to relate to her clients and meet them where they are; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Lynell has practiced this work for over 15 years in the Prescott, AZ area and has been truly amazed at the body’s innate & powerful ability to heal itself when given the chance.

Holding to her principles, integrity, prayer and keeping this work pure, she has been fortunate to draw clientele not only from Arizona, but also from many other states.

Lynell enjoys sharing Bowenwork with others.

Associate Instructor 2017
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner 2006
Certified in Thai Stretch Massage
BS Holistic Nuitrition