Associate Instructor, Lauren Wadsworth

lauren wadsworth, associate instructor Lauren Wadsworth
Lewisburg, WV

Inherent in Bowenwork is the confidence that our bodies are beautifully designed to heal, to move with ease, to thrive, and that this natural ability is not dependent on any one practitioner. It is a privilege to assist in cultivating this principle in the people who see me.

As a teacher, I like to empower my students with tools to better care for themselves and their loved ones. My favorite moments in teaching the Introduction to Bowen classes have been when students feel confident in the tools they are learning and recognize how profoundly soothing, relaxing, and nourishing those tools can be.

Associate Instructor-2013
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner-2010
Lymph Drainage Therapy- Upledger Institute-2007
Reiki-Level 3-1998
Craniosacral Therapy-Institute-1997
St. John Neuromuscular Therapy-1997
Injury assessment with Ben Benjamin-1996
Potomac Massage Therapy Institute-1979