Associate Instructor, Kathryn MacKenzie

kathryn mackenzie, associate instructor Kathryn MacKenzie
Rochester, MI

Bowenwork is a subtle approach offering often profound results! Clients are pleasantly surprised to experience relief and rejuvenation from its non-invasive movements. Bowenwork enhances the individual’s connection to their body’s healing wisdom and deepens self-awareness of the power within. As a practitioner working with clients managing the high level of stress which is a part of everyday life, Bowenwork provides a release from feeling “charged” and reminds the body of how to let down. Also, working with acute and challenging chronic conditions, Bowenwork allows the body to reset back to a more healthful state. Utilizing Bowenwork to facilitate well-being at all levels of experience from the emotional to the physical is gratifying. Participating in the transformative Bowenwork process with clients is inspiring.

Feeling passionate about Bowenwork and sharing the excitement makes offering classes the gift that keeps on giving. As students experience the power within the subtlety which hallmarks Bowenwork, their confidence and desire to become more skillful increases as does their appreciation and awe of this work. Facilitating classes provides a growing personal edge to learn and refine Bowenwork skills, expand knowledge of the body and mind, while developing deeper capacity to listen and communicate. Providing Bowenwork as an accessible tool of increased health expands the circle well-being and is an integral component of empowering others.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor-2013
Bowenwork Practitioner-2007
BS- Counseling Psychology
Women’s Empowerment Group Facilitator-Life Skills Educator
Clinical Training Bioenergetic Analysis -2010
Bioenergetic Exercise Facilitator (E-Motion Exercise™)
200RYT Hatha Yoga – Teacher
Thai Massage (Nuad BoRan-Level 1)