Associate Instructor, Cheryl Kasdorf

cheryl kasdorf, associate instructor Cheryl Kasdorf
Cottonwood, AZ

Dr. Kasdorf appreciates Bowenwork because it is the best of Naturopathic medicine. By engaging our innate Healing Power of Nature, pain is relieved and function restored. The results are long-lasting and can change lives. Bowenwork is a perfect compliment to Homeopathic treatment and often is her first choice for certain conditions. As Dr. Kasdorf receives regular Bowenwork treatments and sees how it helps maintain health on all levels, she would like to see everyone to be able to do the same.

Dr. Kasdorf loves providing students a tool for on-the-spot relief of pain and muscle spasms. She revels in the look on the students faces at the end of the class when they have just received a treatment from a classmate, a testament to its power of relaxation. Teaching is a natural extension of her role as educator as doctor, and she finds the classes always enjoyable to teach.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor-2013
Bowenwork Practitioner-2004
Master in Homeopathy for the Individual Terrain-2009
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine-1998