Associate Instructor, Bettina Nimick

Bettina Nimick, Associate Instructor Buffalo, WY

After 20 years practicing Massage therapy, Bettina discovered Bowenwork therapy when a friend told her about the fast remarkable effect it had treating her back pain. The other attractive aspect of Bowenwork was that it had the potential to extend her career as a bodyworker because of the gentle nature of the work on her body as well as those of her clients.

She is practicing Bowenwork almost exclusively now. She continues to be amazed at the lasting results she witnesses with her clients in relieving pain, range of motion restrictions, anxiety, and many other discomforts. Her clients report feelings of relaxation and overall wellbeing with Bowenwork is more profound than massage.

Bettina loves sharing, Bowenwork: An Introduction to Wellness in Your Hands, with others as an Associate Instructor.

Associate Instructor Training 2017
Specialized Procedure Training 2017
Certification in Bowenwork 2015
Massage Therapy- Seattle School of Massage
Bachelor in Social Work- University of Wyoming
Associates in Nursing- NWCC Sheridan WY