Associate Instructor, Beth Lefebvre

beth lefavbre, associate instructor Beth Lefebvre
Carmel, CA

Beth’s passion is to share the keys to holistic pain free living. Beth believes in the power of the Bowen technique over all others to unlock unhealthy patterns, thereby allowing the body to open to profound and lasting comfort and self healing. Beth has experienced the miracle of Bowen in her own body many times thus inspiring her to devote the majority of her practice to the Bowen technique. Bowenwork is quite simply the most effective hands on pain relief technique.

Beth is inspired to share the Bowen technique because it is literally healing in your own hands. Bowenwork can make the pain go away, it taps into the body’s innate intelligence for self healing and repair, and could be part of the solution we are seeking for the healthcare crisis we are currently in. Bowenwork simply makes the world a better place.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor-2014
Bowenwork Practitioner-2009
BA-University of California
Institute for Integrative Nutrition-Graduate
AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Coach
Certified Massage Therapist,
Registered Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master