IA_CA_Keefe Patricia Keefe
Santa Maria, CA

What impresses Patricia about Bowenwork is that it is an art. But yet it can be learned by anyone with an eagerness to help others. And this art form has been studied by the scientific community and has been found to be based on an acutely accurate knowledge of the anatomical workings of the human body. How miraculous that is! She never fails to be amazed at how this seemingly simple modality can cause such wonderful things to happen for others. She has been fortunate to have met some wonderful people in her short career with Bowenwork and she’s seen first hand some very moving little miracles which have given these beings their life back. They have become once more productive citizens.

Teaching Bowenwork is very rewarding. Others get to really feel what a body is and what it will react to. It makes them so much more sensitive to others, yet can also alleviate some fears of touching others. It gives students a bit of empowerment against their natural fears of getting hurt. And that is so gratifying! Passing on love and caring for others is a truly humbling experience and that is what teaching Bowenwork does for Patricia.

Associate Instructor-2014
Bowenwork Practitioner-2007
Elementary Teaching Credential-Cal Poly
Bachelor of Arts-University of Houston