Associate Instructor, Wendy Seiler

Wendy Seiler, Associate Instructor
Wendy Seiler
Columbia, MD

Since beginning her massage practice, Wendy looked for a manual therapy that would provide long lasting results. Bowenwork is a very gentle, non-invasive way to help balance the body’s nervous system. This allows the body to relax and release tension—relieving pain in just a few sessions. Each person responds differently according their body’s ability to heal. Bowenwork is completely safe for everyone of all ages. After the session, some notable changes might be reduced pain, greater range of motion and a sense of relaxation and well being.

She is excited to be able to teach the introductory workshop in order to put wellness in everyone’s reach.

Associate Bowenwork Instructor – 2018
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner – 2008
Massage Therapist – 2002