Associate Instructor, Amy Potter

Amy Potter, Associate Instructor

Amy Potter, Associate Instructor

Amy Potter
Dexter, MI

Amy first discovered Bowenwork by chance at a local health fair. Curious, She received a mini session and was blown away by how good she felt after such a short treatment. In that moment her love of Bowen was born! Since completing her training She has worked with many people who have not responded to other modalities yet experience relief with Bowen. Relief that lasts! In her mind, Bowen is truly remarkable and she continues to marvel at how quickly people respond to it. She is so excited to share Bowen with others and to help them improve their quality of life through this approach.

What most excites Amy about teaching is the opportunity to share Bowen with others and to show people how to use Bowen to help themselves and their loved ones. She is especially eager to equip Moms with these essential tools to help their children as things come up. Time and again Bowen has helped her own family, and she views teaching Bowen moves to other moms as a gift so they can do the same.

Bowen Associate Instructor – 2018
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner – 2014
Licensed Massage Therapist – 2002
Certified Personal Trainer – 1999
Masters in Clinical Psychology – 2000
BA Psychology – 1996