Faculty, Abby LaRock

Faculty, Abby LaRock Abby LaRock
Peterborough, NH

Abby enjoys her client’s responses to Bowen sessions. For more than 10 years, she has worked with clients from all age groups using this technique and never grows tired of seeing the “I feel better” look on their face. Having the ability to perform this work is a skill that Abby is thankful to have: to work on her family, friends, clients and anybody who needs some help especially when they have hit the wall and feel like they have to live with the discomfort they have… until they find The Bowen Technique.

Abby finds great satisfaction when her students realize they can affect the body the first time they feel the feedback of the roll of the muscle under their fingers and they understand that they are learning a very important skill. Abby enjoys teaching all classes offered by the Academy. Continuing education classes that Abby has developed integrates her expertise from her work history with her experience as an Instructor to help students understand that there are so many applications for this modality.

Bowenwork Faculty, Past Director, President and Vice-President
Bowenwork Practitioner-2005
BS-OT-Quinnipiac College-1977
New England School Of Homeopathy-2013
Advanced certified Ergonomic Evaluator-University of Wisconsin
Certified Instructor-The Miracle Ball Method
Invited speaker Bowen International conferences USA & Australia
Animal Bowen Level 1
Kinesiotape Level 3 certified
Tong Ren Certified