Associate Instructor, Sue Andrea Siebens

sue andrea siebens, associate instructor Sue Andrea Siebens
Dallas, TX 75248

Bowenwork opened Sue Andrea to a realm that combined science and energy-work together in a beautiful union. She learned that by gently stretching certain muscles, tendons and ligaments, the mind-body is re-connected and adjusts tension and activity in surrounding tissues. There is a dance of fascia which connects, holds and protects our supporting bones & muscles, our organs & glands, our nerves, blood & lymph. Bowenwork helps them all remember their interrelationships at the physical and energetic levels, allowing relaxing release or embracing support, as needed. Once relearned these adjusting shifts last. How gorgeous is that!?!

Sue Andrea is excited to share Bowenwork methods and techniques with individuals, who just want to help their family and friends, and practitioners, who are looking for effective techniques for their toolbox. She has taught natural and complimentary healing classes for over six years. Sue Andrea constructs her classes so that they are fun and interactive, including lots of hands-on practice.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor-2014
Bowenwork Practitioner-2013
Bachelor of Science in Zoology
Reiki Master/Teacher
Quantum Touch Certified Practitioner and Level I Instructor
Shamanic Practitioner
Crystal Healer
Shining Light School Administrator and Teacher