Associate Instructor, Rhonda Peck

Peck Sedona, AZ

Rhonda has been involved in health care her entire adult life, since 1975. Even as a young nurse,
her interests always leaned toward natural ways for the body to heal. It has been her lifelong
endeavor to pursue knowledge and understanding of our body’s capability to heal and repair
itself. While she believes that medical intervention has its place in the healing process, she has
also witnessed that our bodies have a great propensity to heal on their own with the appropriate
Rhonda has been a massage and bodywork practitioner since 1985. She took her first
Bowenwork course in 2013. She had never experienced Bowenwork before, and was completely
impressed by the process and results which were evident in the class. Rhonda was so excited by
this modality that she decided to go “all in.”

She continues to be impressed and astounded at the profound healing results that Bowenwork
provides. She loves that the work is so gentle, yet so powerful. It truly encourages the body’s
innate wisdom and capability to heal and find balance.

Rhonda loves sharing helpful information as much as she enjoys learning it. It is so rewarding
when one can empower a client to help themselves. As an Associate Instructor, Rhonda’s goal is
to provide her clients with some basic tools that they can use at home at times of accidental
trauma or illness. It is also a great way to spread the word about Bowenwork and its benefits for
people of all ages.

Associate Bowenwork Instructor 2017
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner 2013
Registered Nurse
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Bachelor of Science, Business Management