Associate Instructor, Renee Roberts

Associate Instructor, Rose RobersRenee Roberts
Springfield, MO

Renee’s experience with Bowenwork never fails to excite her, having watched her once-massage clients convert to Bowenwork due to the results they experienced. She loves showing them that they can trust this work: that she can help them realize that through Bowenwork, they will help reset their body to heal itself. This technique is safe for anyone, effecting change on a neuro-muscular level in the body, which will initiate a healing response on structural and energetic levels.

Renee brings to her teaching a safe space for learning and growth, both professionally and personally. She engenders an atmosphere of creative self-discovery, gently challenging each student to rise to their full potential.
“When the body is completely relaxed, it is a window to the universe, which allows the possibility of perception, awareness, and experience.” A. H. Almaas

Bowenwork Associate Instructor – 2018
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner – 2007
Licensed Massage Therapist
Touch for Health Practitioner