Associate Instructor, Meigra Simon

Meigra SimonMeigra Simon
Portland, OR

Meigra Simon brings over 38 years of body therapy experience to her Bowenwork practice.When she experienced Bowenwork 11 years ago, the elegant effectiveness of the treatment inspired her to become a Practitioner. Now it is
her modality of choice when dealing with both chronic and acute pain in her clients. From chronic sciatica to discomfort in pregnancy, Meigra finds Bowenwork to be one of the best modalities for activating the body’s innate healing capacity. Over the years she has taken numerous advanced Bowen classes, honing her skills and keeping her inspired.

Teaching Bowenwork is a natural step for Meigra. She has been teaching body oriented classes for over 35 years, beginning with Rolf Movement in 1980. She developed a pre-natal massage curriculum in the early 90‘s and the pre-natal massage clinic that she began in 1992 continues today. Meigra brings humor, compassion and inclusiveness to her classes. “I love teaching the four hour Introduction to Bowenwork class! It is designed so everyone can learn effective skills that immediately bring pain relief to help friends and family”.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor – 2013
Bowenwork Practitioner – 2004
Oregon Massage Therapist – 2007 (#13081)
BA Psychology – 1989
Massage Therapist – 1979