Associate Instructor, Mary Falk

mary falk, associate instructor Mary Falk
Tulalip, WA

May believes Bowenwork is a powerful, yet gentle hands-on technique that induces a profound relaxation effect, helping the body to heal. It appreciates that the body is wonderfully created and designed to heal. Following a treatment, she regularly notices improved postural alignment and clients often report decreased muscle tension, less pain, and improved range of motion. Bowenwork is also very easy on the hand and wrist joints of the healthcare provider. She has been able to successfully incorporate Bowenwork into her physical therapy practice.

A desire to learn fuels an excitement that comes across in Mary’s teaching style. With her understanding of human anatomy, she is able to teach to a level that medical professionals will appreciate and grant continuing education credits. However, the beauty of Bowenwork is that it is also easily taught to non-medically trained individuals as well. Whether it has been instructing her clients in their home exercise program or homeschooling her children, passing on knowledge as a teacher is a natural extension of Mary’s inherent passion as a life-long learner.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor-2013
Bowenwork Practitioner-2008
Physical Therapist-WA state License
Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner