Associate Instructor, Linda Haga

Linda Haga
Coos Bay, OR

My own journey with Bowenwork began in 2013 with a herniated lumbar disc and horrible sciatic pain. I have no doubt that Bowenwork helped manage the pain and enable my body to heal itself without surgery! At that time, I was seeking a career change after 14 years in missionary work. I have since become a certified practitioner and have a thriving Bowenwork practice called Bridge to Healing. I am continually amazed by this work and the profound changes that happen in the body with so little input. It’s very rewarding to hear how Bowenwork has reduced pain, increased mobility and literally changed their lives. That might sound like an exaggeration, but when a 60-year-old woman is headache free for the first time in her adult life, or a young couple trying to conceive for over two years has a baby, those are life-altering changes.

Now that I am an Associate Instructor, I am excited to have another avenue for spreading awareness about such an effective healing modality. I look forward to teaching my clients some techniques they can perform on family and friends to promote wellness, in addition to emergency procedures that they do on themselves between sessions.

Associate Bowen Instructor-2019
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner-2016
Bachelor of Science Aeronautics-2016