Associate Instructor, Gisela Bosch

Gisela Bosch, Associate Instructor

Gisela Bosch Associate Instructor

Gisela Bosch
Brighton, MI

Gisela Bosch is the Founder of Internal Balance. Her passion to facilitate a positive change in people’s health has been a constant in her life. She began her career as a Nurse Midwife in Germany. The body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself has always been an interest of hers. So it is no surprise that this interest led her to Bowenwork. She was surprised with the effectiveness of Bowenwork and the positive changes in her own health in a relatively short time.

She enjoys seeing the improvements in her clients and is excited to share the first moves with her students so they can help out friends and family. Safe and effective Bowenwork utilizes the body’s healing response in a unique way. By using light pressure on precise locations throughout the body, it relaxes and encourages the body to return to a more natural state of health and well-being.

Associate Bowenwork Instructor 2016
Bowenwork Practitioner 2014