Associate Instructor, Francis Vocking

Francis Vocking
St.Peterburg, FL

I discovered Bowenwork 11 years ago and was amazed by the fast, powerful and lasting results. As a retired nurse from the Netherlands, I never heard about this before, but I have had my practice since 2008 and just love my job. It’s a unique modality, which is safe for all kind of different conditions and suitable for all ages. This work is gentle, quick and very effective and gives the body the ability to heal and balance itself.

I’m excited to share some simple emergency moves and spread the news and benefits of Bowenwork, and I hope to create more awareness of this wonderful technique in the state of Florida

Associate Bowenwork Instructor – 2019
Bowenwork Practitioner – 2009
Class Homeopathy 2001-2007 (The Netherlands)
Registered Nurse 1975-2001 (The Netherlands)