Associate Instructor, Diane Gerig

diane gerig, associate instructor Diane Gerig
Richland, WA

One day while visiting her doctor (who knew Diane’s goal was to give her clients a better quality of life), he gave her some advice. He said, “Diane if you really want to help people, become a Bowen practitioner!”. Diane found a Bowen practitioner, received one treatment herself, and was amazed by the results! Diane started training in Bowenwork that very same month. Diane loves the testimonials she hears from her clients about how Bowen has helped transform them to a better quality of life.

Diane’s passion and goal has always been to give her clients lasting results. Diane loves helping people learn to utilize Bowen in situations to help treat their family and friends when they cannot get in for a Bowen session right away. Also, she has a passion to spread Bowen to other practitioners, so they can help their clients. Diane invites everyone to experience a better quality of life with Bowen!

Associate Bowenwork Instructor – 2015
Bowenwork Practitioner – 2012
Licensed Massage Therapist – 2003