Associate Instructor, Debra Sidenquist

debra sidenquist, associate instructor Debra Sidenquist

Bothell, WA

Excitement is contagious! What has been exciting Deb lately has been the impact Bowenwork has had on her clients! Having clients say they had the best night’s sleep, or that an area feels better than it has in a long time, makes Deb appreciate the body’s ability to heal itself when giving it a little jump start. The fact that Bowenwork is the vehicle that assists the body so it can heal itself is truly fascinating.

Teaching has been a passion of Deb’s, whether it has been teaching in the dental hygiene program or coaching her son’s soccer team and now as an Associate Instructor for Bowenwork. Deb is enthusiastic about becoming an Associate Instructor, with the American Bowen Academy, where she can help to empower others with the knowledge of Bowenwork. Deb believes that to truly understand something is to be able to teach it to all learning styles (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic) effectively. The best part of teaching for Deb is working with someone and seeing their excitement as they learn a new skill.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor – 2015
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner – 2014
Registered Dental Hygiene Instructor – 1996
B.S. – University of Washington – 1996
Registered Dental Hygienist – SCC – 1995
Certified Dental Assistant – 1983