Associate Instructor, David Willingham

david willingham, associate instructor David Willingham
San Rafael, CA

Providing Bowenwork to people and animals has become the love of David’s life because of the wonderful and amazing results the technique provides in reducing and relieving pain, easing stress, and resetting tension patterns in the body in a safe and non-invasive way. David’s 11 years of experience offering Bowenwork has resulted in compelling results for numerous people, resolving back, knee, shoulder, and posture issues for many of them. It has provided an end to sciatic and neck pain, improved toxin release, and better energy for many clients.

Teaching the Bowen Technique is rewarding and inspiring as students gain an understanding of the power and simplicity of the hands-on moves. Sharing the knowledge and ability of Bowenwork to help people and animals is the most profound opportunity David has discovered in bringing balance and alignment to the body.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor-2015
Bowenwork Practitioner-2005
Animal Bowenwork Practitioner
Wellness Counselor, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy