Faculty, Andrea Jones

JonesAndrea Jones
Lehi, Utah

Andrea is excited by the amazing results of Bowenwork in hundreds of clients’ lives. This subtle therapy captures the essence of permission and release in self healing. She loves how simple and gentle these instructive moves are on the muscles and other structures of the body and yet how profound the restorative effect they can cause. Resetting the autonomic nervous system and releasing endorphins in the same session has caused many a chronic pain sufferer to exclaim her a miracle worker to which she humbly admits, “No, not me. Bowenwork is a gift of God.” She loves to provide service to those in need and keeps her Friday give-back days to see clients who otherwise could not afford this work.

Andrea loves teaching Bowenwork because she sees the need for it far outweighs what she alone can provide. There are millions of people walking around in needless pain and agony who need this gift. She is on a personal crusade to rid the world of needless suffering and wants to empower others to join in her mission. Andrea has taught Orchestra and other music classes for 7 years and has transferred her skills of different learning styles and fine tuning into her Bowenwork classes. Her classes are always fun to attend and easy to comprehend and apply.

2015 – Bowenwork Instructor
2013 – Bowenwork Associate Instructor
2009 – Bowenwork Practitioner
1997 – BA-University of Redlands, Redland, CA